Source Coffee Co
Source Coffee Co is a mobile application platform focused on a budding community of coffee lovers. Here they can add Specialty Cafés and Roasters for their own logs in addition to sharing reviews and helpful tidbits for other users. Source also allows users to create a coffee log from the cafés you've visited in order to form a sort coffee diary.
The Challenge
Source functions on the premise that its users will be going about their day outside and hitting up a café along the way but in 2020 thats not how things work currently. Due to Covid-19, the various lockdowns, and the prevalence of social distancing; I was tasked with aiding Source in adding new features in flows that would allow the community to still be active and adding new logs despite the world coming to a near halt.
My client was straight forward in the request of wanting work done on one flow in particular to allow users to add a coffee type to a Roaster's Profile Page. I had a timeline of about 1 week in order to delivery the designs and accompanying deliverables. 
I began by conducting research into other mobile applications that allowed users to add destinations to lists and create a logs/lists of liked locations. I wanted to get a sense of the commonly used design patterns in these platforms and what their user flows are like in order to begin brainstorming possible preliminary flows. I looked at both Yelp and Google Maps and saw the following
From conducting research on direct & indirect competitors such as Yelp, Google Maps, & Apple Maps; I saw that chunking out of information and steps through Progressive Disclosure was a common approach. Popular products tend to show a blank page with the information needed to add something to the application but when you get to certain sections the form will expand to reveal more. This helps the flow when inputting information and to not make the user feel overwhelmed at the start which can result in them completely abandoning the task. 
Figuring out the User Flow
I moved onto brainstorming how this process of adding coffee to their respective roasters would unfold for the user. Would it be a single page with blank forms not unlike those Yelp? Would I make each section its own focus? It was time to start the user flows. 

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